You Say You Want An Evolution?

Change is inevitable. Evolution, however, is optional. – Anon Indeed, evolution is optional, but it is there for the taking. KAUTE’s mantra is “elevate, evolve, and enjoy.” (Read THIS & THIS to see why.) The images and words HERE explain why we have chosen this essential word, EVOLVE!


KAUTE’s mantra is ‘elevate, evolve and enjoy.’  Click HERE to see a mini mood board that shows some of the inspiration behind why I’ve chosen the word, ELEVATE. Let me know what resonates with you. I welcome your feedback! xo, Kathleen

More to Why

There is always more to the story, right?  In my case, there is another layer to my tale around creating KAUTE.  As I wrote to you last week, my purpose is deeply rooted in the concepts of sustainability and high style. I believe that they are inextricably tied and one is not possible without the Read more…

Why, Oh Why?

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly And the dream that you dare to, Oh why, oh why, can’t I? – Judy Garland, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Judy posed an enduring human question when she sang these lyrics at the beginning of the “Wizard of Oz” in 1939. I asked myself Read more…